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The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) promotes the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of information in the files of consumer reporting agencies. There are many types of consumer reporting agencies, including credit bureaus and specialty agencies (such as agencies that sell information about check writing histories, medical records, and rental history records).

One of your rights under the FCRA is to request your credit score. Credit scores are numerical summaries of your credit-worthiness based on information from credit bureaus. You may request a credit score from consumer reporting agencies that create scores or distribute scores used by a person who makes or arranges a loan, but you will have to pay for it. In some mortgage transactions, you will receive credit score information for free from the mortgage lender.

Request your ChexSystems Consumer Score

The ChexSystems Consumer Score and scoring model may be different than the credit score used by a recipient of your consumer report. Because a credit score is merely a snapshot of a consumer report at the time the score was calculated, the score will change to reflect changes in the report. There are a wide variety of credit scores available and each creditor may use a different score, or may give more or less weight to the score they use in relation to other factors. ChexSystems Consumer Scores range from 100 to 899, with a higher score indicating a lower risk.

If you would like to obtain your ChexSystems Consumer Score, you will be charged a fee of $10.50. You must submit your request and payment by mail. Please select the following link to obtain additional information about how to request your score and submit your payment by mail.

You must be 18 years of age or older to request your ChexSystems Consumer Score. If you are requesting a Consumer Score on behalf of a minor, you must submit your request by mail and include the following information:
  • A notarized copy of the minor's birth certificate

  • A legible copy of the minor's Social Security card

  • A legible copy of the Parent or Guardian's driver's license or state identification card

  • Proof of address for the Parent or Guardian (in the form of a pay stub, utility bill, or other official document bearing the address to which
    correspondence is to be sent).

  • If your name does not appear on the birth certificate, a copy of a document confirming legal guardianship is required. This proof of
    guardianship must be an official court or other legally binding document.

  • Once your request and full payment has been received, ChexSystems will send a response to you via U.S. mail within 5 business days.
    ChexSystems may charge a service fee for any returned checks. View a list of returned check fees allowed by each state.

    For more information on scores, you may view the answers to the most frequently asked score questions.

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